Himalayan Salt Lamp Use and Care Instructions

Himalayan Salt Lamp Use and Care Instructions

To gain maximum benefits from your Salt Lamp it is generally recommended to leave it on whilst occupying your room, office or space. Although we do advise you turn it off if you are leaving your room,  office or space.

If your Salt Lamp becomes dusty, it is best to wipe down gently with a soft cloth. (Note: If water is used it will dissolve the salt)

Replace a blown bulb by firstly turning the lamp off at the power source. Remove the cord. The bulb will screw out of the socket. Replace the blown bulb with a new bulb by screwing it into the socket. Then place the cord back into the Salt Lamp.

Express caution if your Salt Lamp is looking wet - check power cord, switch and bulb for moisture before turning on at the power source.

If water has entered the socket, power cord or switch turn off the lamp immediately at power source and remove the cord from the power source. DO NOT reuse the power cord. We recommend that a new cord and bulb is purchased.

If your Salt Lamp is looking wet (weeping or crying) due to humidity or wet weather, it is recommended that the lamp is left on continuously to dry it. The warmth from the light will dry it when switched   on. Alternatively, moisture can be absorbed using a soft towel.

Take care when placing Salt Lamps on delicate surfaces. We do recommend placing your Salt Lamp on a plate / tray or other suitable item to protect your furniture.

To store your Salt Lamp when not in use for an extended amount of time place in an airtight plastic bag to isolate it from moisture in the air and remove the power cord from the Salt Lamp.

Note: Bulbs and power cords are a consumable item and will need to be replaced in due course.