Interview with the BOSS Lady

As people are always curious we thought we'd interview "THE BOSS LADY" and have a few of your questions answered.


Q: How did "THE SALT LAMP COMPANY" begin?

BL: Mr E and me own Queensland Pellowah Healing & Training Centre so our journey began selling Himalayan Salt Lamps to our clients many years ago. As demand grew "THE SALT LAMP COMPANY" was born and we began importing authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps direct from Pakistan. We retail and wholesale our products. Contact us if you'd like to stock our products.


Q: Do you offer free shipping?

BL: Our products are weight dependant and unlike many of our competitors we price our products very competitively and then the customer pays freight dependant on their location and the weight of their order. We are not in the business of overcharging for anything. We appreciate our customers and want them to keep coming back. 


Q: Where do your Himalayan Salt Lamps come from?

BL: Our Himalayan Salt Lamps are from the home of Himalayan Salt - Pakistan. We deal directly with our supplier who lease the salt mine. 


Q: Are all lamps created equal?

BL: Honestly, NO! Our Himalayan Salt Lamps are A Grade quality. Our authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps sit flat on their marble base. Our Himalayan Salt Lamps will not flake like inferior quality lamps will.


Q: Do you have Himalayan Salt Lamps in your home?

BL: That's like asking the Dalai Lama if he meditates. Absolutely, last count I think there were 11. Some rooms I have 2, another room I have 3 and then there are rooms with just 1. I have a combination of crafted and natural Himalayan Salt Lamps of varying sizes.


Q: Do you use Himalayan Salt in your cooking?

BL: The majority of the food I consume is raw and fresh. I do however use Himalayan Salt to season my meals and enjoy the flavour it adds. I love the fact that there are 84 different minerals in Himalayan Salt so my body is winning everytime I eat it.


Q: Do you use Himalayan Salt in your Bath?

BL: Absolutely! I thoroughly enjoy being immersed in a warm relaxing Himalayan Salt Bath. It gives the largest organ in my body the opportunity to soak up whatever minerals it needs to maintain my well-being.  I'm also loving the combinations of Himalayan Bath Salts we have available. 


In conclusion I would like to say I appreciate you all for giving me the opportunity to supply products that enhance a persons well-being and lifestyle. I would like to express much gratitude to all the people that have crossed my path on this journey. Maybe I've been able to share some knowledge, maybe you have imparted wisdom, perhaps you have purchased a product, whatever part you've have played I am truly grateful. 

Much gratitude x