Himalayan Salt Inhaler Instructions

Himalayan Salt Inhaler Instructions

Breathe normally through inhaler mouthpiece and exhale through the nose. Coughing, sneezing and phlegm mucus expectoration may be experienced once the cleansing process begins. Salt may be tasted in your mouth and throat, but these conditions will disappear with regular use.

The Himalayan Salt Inhaler will help flush impurities from your nasal cavities and sinuses and can also cleanse the lungs. Himalayan Salt can penetrate and cleanse the entire respiratory system. 

Use: 15-25 minutes per day (Recommended)

This may be increased as the individual becomes accustomed to the cleansing effects.


Himalayan Salt Inhaler Care and Safety Instructions

Individual use of a Salt Inhaler is recommended.

If salt becomes moist or wet you will need to replace the Salt. Replacement salt is available from us and how to replace instructions are below.

Do not use Inhaler if chipped, cracked or broken.

Always wipe tip of inhaler with a damp cloth after use and store in a dry place.

As lips can become dry whilst using your inhaler application of a lip moisturiser is recommended before use.

Supervision of use of the Inhaler is recommended for children under 10yrs old.


Himalayan Salt Replacement Instructions

To replace salt, remove silicone plug from bottom of Inhaler and empty salt out through opening. The inhaler may need to be flushed with water to remove all salt. Once completely dry, replace salt.

Himalayan Salt is available for purchase from us for your Inhaler. If the salt becomes wet or moist in your inhaler it must be replaced before use.

Use of regular table salt, epsom salt and sea salt is not recommended.