Himalayan Salt Soap

Himalayan Salt Soap - for use after showering.

Himalayan Salt is anti - bacterial. Perfect for use as a natural deodorant.


Pure Himalayan Pink Salt Soap is used by moistening the Salt Soap with a little water and rubbing the Salt Soap between your hands or onto a wash cloth. Apply to your body after taking a bath or shower. Let it dry. If there is tingling / burning feel on your skin it should cease in 2 to 5 minutes. Leave the crystallized salt on the skin or, if you prefer, remove it with your hand or a piece of cloth without using water. Salt soap is not intended for use during taking a bath or shower; it should be applied to the skin after, just as you would apply a cream or lotion. Himalayan Salt is anti bacterial and anti inflammatory and has the ability to aid in healing and easing skin conditions.