Where to buy Himalayan Salt Lamps

Where to buy Himalayan Salt Lamps

When you are looking for authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps of the highest quality look no further. The Salt Lamp Company are importers. We deal directly with our connection in Pakistan and are able to provide the best quality Himalayan Salt Lamps available. We have no connection with any other salt lamp suppliers. Our company "THE SALT LAMP COMPANY" is Australian owned and operated.

Our website is the one and only place to order your genuine products...https://thesaltlampcompany.com.au


Our Himalayan Salt Lamps all sit flat on their marble base 

Authentic Himalayan Salt from Pakistan

Marble bases

Stainless steel screws (no rusting)

Australian Standard power cord

Quality bulbs 

Note: Bulbs and power cords are a consumable item and will need to be replaced in due course.