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Californian White Sage | Copal | Frankincense | Myrrh | Sweet Grass

Our Smudge products have been specially curated to enable you to create an environment to nurture your senses; relaxing mind, body and soul whilst creating balance in your life embracing ancient tradition.


White Sage - Organically grown, produced sustainably and ethically harvested.

The special qualities of white sage is recognised around the world and is sort after in modern times.


Since people first came together to honour the Gods and Spirits of nature they used resins and herbs to bring them closer to divine beings and to give fragrant wings to their prayers. Today resins and herbs are widely used during meditation, prior to healings and in space clearing ceremonies. 

Sacred resin and herbs have always been traded far beyond their country of origin and this continues today. Every culture has their own sacred herbs that are particular to their region and used by shaman in ritual and ceremony. 

We offer a selection of Sacred Resins and Herbs to cleanse a space prior to meditation and healings and for use in space clearing ceremonies; for those who wish to perform ceremonies honouring the seasons, cycles and offerings to the Gods or purely for experiential use.


Organic Smudge Sticks, Herbs and Resin Incense Used for:
Clearing and cleansing the energy in your home, office, healing room and aura
Transmuting negative energy and inviting positive vibes into your space
Great for use in Meditation rooms, Healing rooms and Yoga Studios
Used in preparation for creating a positive class or workshop space