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Smudge Stick | White Sage | Medium | Twin Pack

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Smudge Stick - White Sage - Medium - Twin Pack

Contains: 2 x  Medium White Sage Smudge Sticks

Origin: Californian White Sage

Length: Approx. 14cm each

Used for:

Clearing and cleansing your home, office, healing room, meditation room, massage room, body or objects

Transmuting negative energy

There is a science behind the spirituality of burning sage. When burned, sage smoke releases ions that change the composition of the air and have been linked to positive mood boosts. In addition to being an excellent stree-reliever, burning sage can be a powerful spiritual ritual and self care practice.

Benefits of burning sage are believed to include:

Removing bacteria from the air

Repelling insects

Improving intuition

Purifying specific objects

Improving mood and reducing stress and anxiety

How to use:

Set your intention - Focus on clearing your space and inviting your positive intentions into your space

Light your Smudge Stick

Blow out the flame - The smudge stick will begin to smoke

Move through your space with focus

Once complete extinguish your Smudge Stick in some sand or dirt